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Swedish VÖRGUS have unleashed their official video - Song is "Headhunter" from their last album "Hellfueled Satanic Action" ! The band is currently working on their 3rd album which should be released by the end of the year on INFERNO Records ! Stay Tuned !


It is REAL & now OFFICIAL ! French newcomers TENTATION have joined INFERNO Records !!! The 80's FRENCH Heavy-Metal tradition lives on !!!

We're really PROUD & excited to announce you the new band signed to the label ! Yes, we agree we don't have much FRENCH bands on the roster so far, but THAT one is so unbelievable we could NOT miss it !

We've been really impressed by this young band formed in 2012 and their abilities in delivering this awesome dose of OLD-SCHOOL Heavy-Metal in the perfect 80's french heavy-metal tradition - especially due to the fact they sing in FRENCH of course ! But NOT only, since musically, this is HIGHLY recommended for any fans worhipping early IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, VENOM, ADX, SORTILEGE to name afew bands.

TENTATION is the name of the band and the line-up consists of Patrice (Vocals), Guix (Bass), Guillaume (Guitars) et Laurent (Drums).

The band is currently finishing working on their new & first release, a mini-album made of 6 songs that will include a cover of french heroes H-BOMB ("Double-Bang").

CD and cassette version will be released thru INFERNO Records - A vinyl version will be also available thru french label IMPIOUS DESECRATION Records ( !

From now on, you can also listen to a first song "L'Epreuve Du Sang"  posted for streaming on our audio-player !

More infos on the band :

New York City's underground legend PRIME EVIL about to release their first full-length album on INFERNO Records !!! The band has finally recorded their first full length album entitled BLOOD CURSE RESURRECTION made of 10 brand new original songs written by band founders Andy EICHHORN (vocals) and Mike USIFER (Guitars) - mixing the best of THRASH & DEATH metal in a raw ferocious way that is now PRIME EVIL's trademark !
Artwork is now revealed and has been made from METAL ARTWORKS based on an original idea of Andy EICHHORN. 

A brand new song "Plague Of Humanity" is now available for streaming >

For more informations >

PHRENETIX is a young promising THRASH Metal band hailing from Vilnius/Lithunia, that got formed in 2011. The band first played shows actively and released in 2013 their first demo, made of 5 songs which got very positive feedbacks from the underground medias. PHRENETIX music fully describes the essence of old-school thrash metal,and also incorporates a variety of other music styles, which gives the group a unique, manic sound. More specific old-school thrash metal infuences might include Anthrax, Toxik and other more progressive thrash metal bands, but the band seeks to maintain its originality expanding their musical sight beyond just metal music. Their distinct riffs and odd composition separates them from many thrash metal bands, which, including intensity, aggression and thrilling live performances, is the main Phrenetix feature and appeal.

Although the band had many different members, PHRENETIX current line-up consists now of 4 members:

Lina Vaštakaitė (lead\rhythm guitar, vocals), Jonas Gedvilas (drums), Paulius Navickas (lead\rhythm guitar, backing vocals) Daumantas Vizbaras (bass)

The band recently inked a deal with french label INFERNO Records and is currently recording the first full-length album in Vilnius (Muzlab Studio) with the help of producer Rimtautas Piskarskas. This album will include 8 songs and will be entitled "Art Of Jail"... More infos/artwork will be revealed later !

For the moment being, INFERNO Records will soon re-release the demo on cassette format (limited edition) and one song is now available for streaming >

More infos on PHRENETIX >

RIOTOR, formed back in 2007 in Québec/CANADA, are no newcomers in the underground METAL circut !
After a brilliant debut album released in 2010 (on BESTIAL INVASION Records) and many live shows where the BEAST spat his venomous Metal style in the faces of many metal maniacs, a new album is in the making & will be released on INFERNO Records ! This one will be entitled "Rusted Throne" and will include 10 new devastating songs !
To be released on CD & Cassette.
Artwork to be revealed very soon as well as one new song for streaming !
Stay tuned !


Pittsburgh Heavy-Metal combo LADY BEAST announce the release of their new & second album ! Simply entitled "Lady Beast II", this new album will include 9 songs of pure Heavy-Metal fury ! We have no doubt here at INFERNO Records that the band will kick your ass again.. but this time, even harder ! Artwork has been released by MindRape Art and you can see it here (click on the pic to enlarge it !) ! Morever the band has posted a new song online - called "Heavy Metal Destiny" that you can hear here on YouTube !
The album wil be released on INFERNO Records on CD/Digi-CD & Cassette version, while a vinyl version will be released on US label COBRA CABANA Records !
More infos soon - stay tuned !

The Wait Is O.V.E.R. !!! 

TORMENTRESS "Operation Torment" new album is FINALLY available !!!! Amazing THRASH METAL from the one & only all-girl band from Singapore !!!
For fans of early Kreator, early Sodom, Deathrow & early Sepultura !!! 
Available on CD, Digi-CD & Cassette !!!!

> Listen to "Mutilator

ELVENSTORM "Blood Leads To Glory" new album is FINALLY available ! Fantastic "Teutonic" Heavy/Speed Metal with female vocals !
For fans of Running Wild, Stormwitch, Cyrstal Viper !!!
Available on CD, Digi-CD & Cassette !!!

> Listen to "Werevolves Of The East"

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