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After the departure of Felipe Hernandez (Guitars), chilean Metal Heroes VASTATOR are announcing the new line-up of the band with Peyote Barrera (Bass), Gerardo Barrenechea (Drums), Rob Diaz (Vocals) and new recruited guitarist Ricardo Buquet. Ricardo is coming from Argentina and has been playing for the band STACCATO in the early 2000's. VASTATOR are currently working on the follower to "Machine Hell" album released in 2011 on INFERNO Records. Stay Tuned !

A few days before the release of their long-awaited second album, entitled "Blood Leads To Glory", an interview with guitarist Michael HELLSTRÖM was mandatory - discover a bit more about the band & the new album !

- Hello Michael ! How are you feeling today now you know the new album is soon out ??
I’m feeling excited about this release,  there was much time since the start of the recording, so I’m  really looking  forward to this album to be released !

- Can you tell us more on the content of this album ? 
This is a solid heavy metal album, we followed the same way we started with “Of Rage and War”, this is fast, melodic, in the pure teutonic way. We put much blood, sweat and guts in this record. The title “Blood Leads to Glory”  is very representative of what the band lives after the “Of Rage and War” release.

- How would you describe it compared to "Of Rage & War" ?
This new record is more mature, darker, and there is more feelings on the songs than the previous one, but still with the same influences  We are in perpetual evolution, Felix Börner took part of the songwriting and brought a fantastic song with Laura called “Black Hordes” I think we reached another step and gained experience with our first album and the concerts that followed.

The WAIT is (almost) OVER !
Singaporian All-Girl THRASH METAL band TORMENTRESS are about to unleash their first full-length album on INFERNO Records in September 2014 !
You can now listen to "Mutilator", a first extract now online > 
For more infos on the album >
The album will be released on CD/Digi-CD and Cassette.

The WAIT is (almost) OVER !
French Heavy-metallers ELVENSTORM are about to unleash their new album on INFERNO Records in September 2014 !
You can now listen to "Werewolves Of The East", a first extract now online >
For more infos on the album (tracklist/cover) >
The album will be released on CD/Digi-CD & Cassette.
A Vinyl LP version will be released later on french label UNDER SIEGE Records.

We're proud to announce you that two new releases on INFERNÖ Records are OUT NOW & available for sale !!

- WITCHFYRE (Spain) "Legends, Rites & Witchcraft" CD & MC - traditional HEAVY-METAL for fans of Skull Fist, Enforcer !
- WILD WITCH (Brasil) "Burning Chains" MC - Re-release of their demo on pro-cassette ! For fans of Blacklace, Acid, Bitch !

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And another killer band has joined the roster !!!! Hailing from Brasil (like AXECUTER, CLENCHED FIST that we already have on the label), we're glad to announce you the band WILD WITCH ! 
The band was formed in 2011 and current line-up is :

Felipe Rippervert : Bass    
Weiberlan Garcia : Drums    
Mariano : Guitars
Flav Scheidt : Vocals

They've released one 4-song demo called "Burning Chains" last year, only available as CD-r that we'll soon re-release on cassette format until we're able to bring you MORE Metal from the band when they'll be done with the recording of their first full-length album !

Listen to "Witchripper" >

Definitely for fans of ACID, BITCH, BLACKLACE.. Heavy & Hot as HELL !!!

It is NOW, it is REAL !!!
The long-awaited VINYL version of DEMONA's new album "Speaking With The Devil" is now OUT !!!
300 copies (150 on black wax, 150 on brown wax) that come with two-sided insert inc. lyrics & pics.

BROWN wax version comes also with a FREE A3 poster & postcard (exclusive offer when ordering from INFERNO Records !)

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