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The second album by french heavy-metal warriors ELVENSTORM will be unleashed this year on INFERNO Records (Release date to be confirmed) - track-list is :

01. Sanguis Ad Gloriam
02. Reign in Glory
03. Werewolves of the East
04. Temple of the Sun
05. Ruler of the Night
06. Black Hordes
07. Fallen One
08. Sirens of Death
09. Where Angls Dare to Die
10. Mistress From Hell

and as bonus-song on the CD version, a cover of "Into The Fire", originally composed by SAVAGE GRACE !

Note that polish singer Marta GABRIEL (CRYSTAL VIPER) appears on "Mistress From Hell", this song being sang as a duo with Laura... Those girls really rocks & you'll love that song !!!

Artwork was released by by Johnson Ting and the album was recorded in Microclimat studio (Grenoble/France) by Xavier Sindt. 
Mixing is actually in process with Lars Ramcke in Thunderhall Studio (Hamburg) and it will be mastered by Piet Sielck.

The band is currently looking for live-shows everywhere !!! Bookers, contact them at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After a long period of inactivity, bassist Nenne Vörgus decided to quit the band for personal reasons.. The band & the label INFERNÖ Records want to express their appreciation for being such a cool hard-working motherfucker to work with and wish him & family the very best for the future ! Nenne gave his last show with VORGUS at Sthlm thrashfest in october 2013 - which was also the time for the band to introduce the new bassplayer & vocalist Belze Bo ! 
VORGUS is now busy working hard on new material ! If you need angry, drity & alcohol fueled rockin'thrashin' METAL, stay tuned !!!!

INFERNÖ Records would like to wish you all a very happy new year 2014 & most of all, we want to thank you all for the GREAT support through 2013,
without you, nothing would be possible ! We will do our best to continue delivering killer releases in 2014 to please your damaged ears !!! METAL Till DEAFNESS !!!

2013 was the year for some more killer releases that you all made successful : 

AXECUTER "Metal Is Invincible", Lady Beast "Lady Beast", Death Rides A Horse "Tree Of Woe", LONEWOLF "Army Of The Damned" (Our first VINYL release ever !) and this last month, the albums of LEGIONS OF WAR "Forced To The Ground" and DEMONA "Speaking With The Devil" - 6 releases in 12 months for a small label like ours means alot of time, energy & hard work but it is nothing compared to the satisfaction we get in return - thanks to your support & appreciation !

For now, We can already announce you 3 new bands signed that will unleash their new releases in 2014 on INFERNÖ Records !!!

First is our first all-female band TORMENTRESS - coming from Singapore and founded in 2006, they play a raw mixture of old-school speed-metal & thrash metal !!! After a demo, a pic-disc EP and a MCD, they're ready to unleash their first album entitled "Operation Torment" during the first months of 2014 ! You can listen to a brand new song called "Mutilator" > !

And .. Spanish old-school metallers WITCHFYRE are now part of the INFERNO Records family ! Founded in 2011, this 5-piece bandmixes the best of obscure/occult heavy-metal with great NWOBHM influences !!! They worked hard to release in 2013 their first official release on DiscosMeCagoEnDios Records, that is a 2-song vinyl 7"EP called "Banshee" that convinced us so much, it became obvious they were made for INFERNO Records ! A first 6-song mini-album is currently in the making ! Stay Tuned ! You can already listen to the song "Banshee" ( that will be part of this release !

and this is not all.. we still have more releases planned - stay tuned !!!!

We're really proud to announce that the new & FIRST VINYL release ever on INFERNÖ Records is now OUT !!!

LONEWOLF "Army Of The Damned" is NOW available on VINYL format  !
This is lilmited to 300 copies worldwide (150 on regular BLACK vinyl, 150 on BLUE vinyl) and comes with inserts with lyrics, pics...

You can now order your copy from our webshop 

We're proud to announce you the new releases of the bands DEMONA (Canada) & LEGIONS OF WAR (Sweden) are NOW officially OUT !!! 

DEMONA "Speaking With The Devil" album is now available on CD - DigiCD & Cassette formats ! 
Digi-CD is limited to 500 copies - Cassette limited to 100 copies !
A limited VINYL version will be published in one month approx - limited edition to 300 copies (150 BLACK wax/150 COLORED wax)

LEGIONS OF WAR "Forced To The Ground" album is now available on CD - DigiCD & Cassette formats !
Digi-CD is limited to 500 copies - Cassette limited to 100 copies !

You can now order your copies from (mailorder section) !

We're really proud to announce you that LEGIONS OF WAR are BACK TO THE FRONT !

4 years after their tremendous & merciless surprise attack entitled "Towards Death" in 2009 which took no prisoner (and highly acclaimed by underground medias that compared the band to such monsters as DESTROYER'666 or GOSPEL OF THE HORNS !) - and their self-released thunder assault "Riding With The Blitz" (an EP with two new tracks in 2011) - swedish warmongers LEGIONS OF WAR come out from their long retreat with a new arsenal to take the world by storm ! 9 new missiles made in the strongest steel with an incredibly precise strike force will soon be unleashed on INFERNO Records under the name "Forced To The Ground" !

This new armada shows a more aggressive and still heavier side of LEGIONS OF WAR ! Guitar riffs cut like scalpels, rythmics are like hammers coming down in a relentless manner, vocals are raw & scorched (but still very clear, no growls or grunts... or hysterical screams) and express all the atrocities of war like never before... The style is basically THRASH with a very personal approach (the whole concept is about WAR, which means the sound is very cold) but has definitely a strong HEAVY-METAL influence... Guitar solos are the undeniable proof as well as some acoustic parts that will make your blood freeze !

This new assault will be effective by the end of the year (release date is set for December 20th, 2013) under the forms of Digipack CD, regular jewel case-CD and cassette - and will for sure please all fans of bands like DESTROYER'666, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, KREATOR, SODOM.

Two new songs are now available for streaming on SOUNDCLOUND :

- Forced To The Ground (
- Grandiose Visions (

A promo-video for "Forced To The Ground" will soon be available for streaming too - stay tuned !

For more informations on the band >

We're really proud to announce the next & FIRST VINYL release ever on INFERNÖ Records and very excited since it is one of the best albums ever released by a french band (which is in our opinion is definitely among the very best bands from France) .. 

Time has come to reveal the details : LONEWOLF "Army Of The Damned" will be soon available on VINYL format - this will be lilmited to 300 copies worldwide (150 on regular BLACK vinyl, 150 on BLUE vinyl) and comes with inserts with lyrics, pics...

Release date is OCTOBER 2013 but we really encourage you to pre-order your copy as we're confident this will sell very fast ! LONEWOLF have over the years created a huge die-hard metal fanbase and obviously the pack is waiting for this new item !!!

Fab - the boss of INFERNÖ Records - says : "It has been a long time it was said INFERNÖ Records & LONEWOLF have to join forces and release something together... For some reasons, it was not possible so far.... INFERNÖ Records & LONEWOLF have always been great friends showing mutual respect to the respective jobs both did so far... I am really proud & honored this day has finally come, especially that it will be released on VINYL, something we never did before... A vinyl release was always in mind since the beginning of the label, but the label had first to grow and be "healthy", before it was possible... and I wanted the first vinyl release to be something SPECIAL... So I think the day has finally come and it is a great feeling !!!"

Release date is set for OCTOBER 2013 and you can pre-order your copy from our BIG CARTEL Page (No fake ! We always use BIG CARTEL for pre-orders) by clicking on :  -  or on the banner...VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Thomas & Sebastian of NAPALM Records - without you, nothing would have been possible !!!! Vielen Dank !!!