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Dear Heavy Metal Maniacs, here's a statement from guitarist Alexandra of JENNER !

It is OFFICIAL ! It is REAL ! THE END AD's exclusive and limited CASSETTE edition of their new full-length album "Badlands" is now out !!

Outstanding killer old-school DEATH THRASH METAL !
Malevolent Croatian  WAR-HEAD, are now releasing their long-awaited  4th album "Monuments Of Fallacy" through INFERNÖ Records !

PANNDORA - new video for "False Excuses" out now !!! Enjoy !

Malevolent Croatian WAR-HEAD now reveal album artwork, tracklist, guests and also a first song online !

Official video for the song "Addiction" from the soon to be released THE END AD album "Badlands" out now ... Badlands will be released on November 29th as a special Cassette Version on Infernö Records while CD and Digital formats via Fastball Records/Soulfood (Germany) - enjoy !

PANNDORA announces new guitarist Luana MARAN after they parted ways with former bandmate Rebecca RASTELLI.

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