Brasilian WILD WITCH signed to INFERNO Records !

And another killer band has joined the roster !!!! Hailing from Brasil (like AXECUTER, CLENCHED FIST that we already have on the label), we're glad to announce you the band WILD WITCH !
The band was formed in 2011 and current line-up is :

Felipe Rippervert : Bass    
Weiberlan Garcia : Drums    
Mariano : Guitars
Flav Scheidt : Vocals

They've released one 4-song demo called "Burning Chains" last year, only available as CD-r that we'll soon re-release on cassette format until we're able to bring you MORE Metal from the band when they'll be done with the recording of their first full-length album !

Listen to "Witchripper" >

Definitely for fans of ACID, BITCH, BLACKLACE.. Heavy & Hot as HELL !!!



Fabien is the "big-boss" of INFERNO Records. His passion for HEAVY-METAL music lasts since 1982 when for the first time he discovered THE album that would change his life at the age of 13 - that album is nothing less than "The Number Of The Beast" from IRON MAIDEN ! Since that day, it was clear his life would be HEAVY fuckin' METAL !
Having a real record-label to run was one of his longtime projects and for some reasons, it was not possible to start one until 2006 when he met Bea who was a precious help to make this dream come true : a real Heavy-Metal Label made by Heavy-Metal fans FOR Heavy-Metal fans !

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