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Horns up ! We're really proud to announce we've signed a brand new band ! This one is called WITCHCURSE and hails fom Greece - Formed in 2005, this is, in our opinion, a band with a great potential ! 

Just listen to their recently release "Demon's Warning" Cassette-EP released on HEREGE WARFARE Prods, these metal maniacs will take you for a trip to the glorious days of the NWOBHM when bands like very early IRON MAIDEN, ANGELWITCH, WITCHFINDER GENERAL and VENOM ruled the scene ! Expect rough & true Heavy Metal with a wild attitude !!! 
The band will soon release a split EP on METALWARNINGRecords with finnish WITCHTIGER, then a split LP with italian WITCHUNT on HEAVY FORCES Records and will start composing & recording their debut album in September to be released on INFERNO Records at the end of the year, beginning of 2010 ! Fear the curse of the Witch !

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