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Russian HATESTORM have re-released their first album "Cursed Rituals" on russian label RIGORISM Productions ! It is now available from INFERNO Records - click HERE to order - this contains 9 songs + intro of dirty satanic Black Metal influenced by the likes of early-BATHORY, WATAIN, HELLHAMMER, early MAYHEM... You can also find there an ARMAGEDDA cover ! 

Recorded in 2004, this was first released in 2006 through russian labels SBM Records (CD Version) and MC Prods (Cassette Version). Note some of those songs were also used for the split CDr released on defunct french label DEATHCRUSH Prods under the name "Disciples Of The Beast" together with french band FERA (RIP).

Today RIGORISM Prods have released this and this is one more chance for you to get one of the most incredible Black Metal albums ever released in your collection !