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TYRANEX was formed in Stockholm, in December 2005 with the ambition to sound like the old 80's heavy metal bands. At that time,  they were inspired by bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and ANGELWITCH. The first complete line-up started the development of their own style. After a while, they started to play faster and their sound became more aggressive, turning more and more into THRASH-METAL. They have high-pitched screams and unclean vocals, as well as intensive pulse-raising drums and up-speeded riffs and a pounding bass, which make them sounding way different than all the current THRASH bands around ! 

One could say TYRANEX play EVIL THRASH METAL, equally influenced by the likes of old DESTRUCTION/old SLAYER for the raw & aggressive approach of the style and also by bands like SENTINEL BEAST, early TESTAMENT for the heavier, technical & melodious side... 

So far the band has released 4 demos :

- Demo 2006
- Tyranex - Demo 2007
- Blade Of The Sacrificier - Demo 2008
- The Evil Has Arrived - Demo 2009

and the line-up currently consists of :

Linnea Landstedt : Lead/rythm guitars & vocals
Martin Zettmar : Lead/rythm guitars
Stefan Thylander : Bass
Johannes Lindström : Drums

The band is now working on its debut album which should be unleased in the beginning of 2011 thru INFERNO RECORDS !!!

Real THRASH METAL was meant to be EVIL ??? They're gonna prove it !

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