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Finally, here are the dates for the VERY FIRST EUROPEAN TOUR by Canadian SKULL FIST !

Jan 7th, 2011 : Helvete Club - Oberhausen (D) with ARMOUR (Fin), REZET (Ger), IRON KOBRA (Ger).
Jan 8th, 2011 : Metal Assault Fest. - Würzburg (D) with ANGELWITCH, NIFELHEIM, ONSLAUGHT & more !!!
Jan 9th, 2011 : La Chimère - Lille (F) with HÜRLEMENT (Fr), CHILDREN OF DOOM (Fr)
Jan 10th, 2011 : Le Klub - Paris (F) with BLACK HORIZON (Fr)
Jan 12th, 2011 : Bar Des Grandes Sources - Chevresis-Monceau (F) with GANG (Fr)
Jan 13th, 2011 : P3 - Purmerend (NL) with CHAINSAW (Nl), LORD VULTURE (Nl)
Jan 14th, 2011 : Jh Tydeeh - Mol (B) with EVIL INVADERS (Be), STRIKING DEATH (Be), IRON KOBRA (Ger)
Jan 15th, 2011 : No Man's Land - Volmerange (F) with IRON KOBRA (Ger)

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