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Composer Andy DiGelsomina has issued the following statement regarding the lineup for the second LYRAKA CD:

"We have added Señor Díaz of the Chilean band VASTATOR to the Lyraka Volume 2 roster. Señor Díaz is one of the most outstanding vocalists in the heavy metal scene today, combining a highly operatic style with beyond-HALFORD intensity. We are thrilled to announce also the continued participation of Tommy Heart (FAIR WARNING, ULI JON ROTH), Graham Bonnet (RAINBOW, ALCATRAZZ), and Veronica Freeman (BENEDICTUM)."

Lyraka previously announced the signing of Graham Bonnet for the recording of Lyraka Volume 2, with DiGelsomina stating, "For the second album, Graham will not only be adding his voice to the songs, but will be involved in the songwriting. I would be foolish to pass on an opportunity to collaborate with the man who co-wrote songs like 'Assault Attack', 'Desert Song', and 'Island In The Sun'."

A statement from Graham Bonnet reads: "I have been given opportunities in the past to do many kinds of projects; a word I don't like because it is one used, in my opinion, too many times. Lyraka is an adventure for me. Jasmine and Andy have given me the chance to sing and be involved in the creative side of a new world. I think we have come up with something unique. This is a different path; a road less travelled and a new light. Thanks to Jasmine and Andy for their great images... they makes my job all that much easier."

Session work for Lyraka Volume 2 will begin in February 2011. Bonnet will also be enlisted for narrative work in the upcoming Lyraka movie, slated for production in 2013.

In the meantime, Lyraka Volume 1 is now available on CD and MP3 albums at