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Groove ? Core ? Modern influences ??? Absolutely NOT !!!
Just pure headbanging Metal to break your neck and damage your ears. AXECUTER was created for incurable headbangers that live Metal in their daily lives. That’s what you’ll find here, that’s what this band is all about !

AXECUTER was raised by long date friends who have been in the Metal scene for so long and always shared a true passion for Heavy Metal. The band started in February 2010, although some of the songs were written around 2001 !!! Those three Metal Maniacs had played (and are still playing) in different acts and had also played together in different occasions.

AXECUTER has recorded three songs that will soon be released on INFERNO Records as a limited cassette-single edition !

Those three songs are strongly influenced by early VENOM, early ONSLAUGHT, early CELTIC FROST and will bring you back to times when THRASH METAL was fuckin' EVIL !!!

If you have the best taste for Metal and if you are really into it, listen to the songs and let us know what you think. Feel free to get in touch and support AXECUTER and old school Metal.


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