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The band got formed one year ago after ex-WHITE SKULL vocalist Elisa "Over" De Palma started looking for new members to start her own speed/thrash metal band that would be called SPIDKILZ !

End of August 2010, the line-up was complete and the band started working hard on songs and some months later, in January 2011, the band had put the final touches to the 5 songs that would compose the band's first demo that got recorded in 5 days in April 2011 !

This "ultra-demo" (as the band called it) shows an impressive ability from the band in creating songs that are rooted in the old-school speed-thrash metal vein, influenced by bands like OverKill, Heathen, Detente, Sentinel Beast, Forbidden, Metal Church - that's to say : powerful, catchy, heavy & melodious ! The band musicians are all experienced and needless to say Elisa's vocal style is an important part to the band's musical identity ! If you love raging but melodious vocals (in other words, if you're bored with all those chicks growlings, screaming... or puking out the words with no class !), then SPIDKILZ got what you need ! 

We can say it LOUD : We're PROUD to have SPIDKILZ joining the INFERNÖ Records roster !
We'll shortly re-release the band's demo on pro-cassette format, limited to 100 copies for die-hard metal maniacs !!! Expect this out during this summer !

The band is now working on new songs to be featured on the debut album to be released later on INFERNÖ Records and is of course ready to burn the stages everywhere it is possible to !