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NYC re-unleashes its most venomous poison !

PRIME EVIL is B.A.C.K. !!! The Beast from NYC's underground metal circut returns with a vengeance !

Sicker, stronger, faster than ever !!!! Those who are familiar with the 80's underground metal scene have already undoubtly heard of this band that was among the most promising & interesting ones !

The band reunited in 2011 to reconquer its rank !!! The new material is absolutely mind-blowing - definitely THE BEST from PRIME EVIL to this day ! The new songs sound more complex, faster & sicker & in any case betray the original band's style that could be described as a mix of savage thrash-metal with raging death-metal touches - brutal, heavy & furious !!! Three new songs ("Crucifixion Aftermath", "Barbarick Rites" and "Evilution Decree") will soon be released as a luxurious digipack CD-EP as well on professionally-duplicated cassettes on INFERNÖ Records ! This new release entitled "Evilution" will be unleashed mid-July and we're confident this will take the world by storm !!!

The band has a rejuvenated line-up, and they are ready to conquer the globe...

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