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DEATH RiDES A HORSE sign to INFERNÖ Records !!!

Female fronted danish Doom/Sludge NWOBHM band has just inked a deal with french label INFERNÖ Records !

Great riffs, a heavy groove and a strong melody is the essence of DRaH´s music which finds inspiration in the most original heavy metal bands from the 70’s, 80’s and today.
DRaH owe allegiance to bands such as Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Accept, Crowbar and High on Fire.

The band will shortly re-release their "Tree Of Woe" Ep  - originally released on cassette on DEADBANGERS Production - on CD format with many bonus tracks ! This will be a limited edition to 500 copies ! And of course, you can expect their debut album to be released in 2013 on INFERNÖ Records !!

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