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LADY BEAST clawed it's way into existence in early 2009 but things began to solidify that summer with the addition of Tommy Kinnett on lead guitar, and a year later Adam Ramage on drums. The band played and slayed as a 4 piece until spring of 2011, when Chris "Twiz" Tritschler joined on rhythm guitar. 

In June 2011 Lady Beast recorded its first self titled album, and released the metal madness in the summer of 2012.  Since the release, Lady Beast has been getting some great opportunities!  From international interviews, to being voted one of the top metal bands in Pittsburgh by local media.  Lady Beast lives to rock !  The band has played everything from brutal basement shows, to bars, to higher capacity venues.  The fire has been fueled and now Lady Beast is creating new metal masterpieces.. faster and louder than before ! The Beast is hungry and she needs to feed !
INFERNÖ Records will shortly be releasing their debut album on CD version with a bonus-track.. more infos to come !!! Stay tuned !!

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