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Infernö Records PROUDLY presents “Metal is Invincible", the long waited debut album from the restless brazilian warriors AXECUTER !

After a period of tribulations, they´re back and ready to continue their resistance saga, no matter who it hurts! Here you´ll find nothing but pure and savage METAL, 100% free from every disgusting modern tendency. If you are a real, I mean REAL old school worshipper, you won´t get ripped sure !!!

Tracklist :

01. Metal is Invincible
02. Too Heavy To Load
03. Feed The Beast
04. No God, No Devil (Worship Metal !)
05. Bangers Prevail
06. Destructive Blitzkrieg
07. Keep On Sinning
08. The Fires of Krakatoa
09. Heavy Metal To The World (Manilla Road cover - CD version only)

Album to be released on CD & Cassette formats.. date release is March 1st, 2013 - Be READY !!!

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