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PRIME EVIL is excited to announce the addition of Rob Broderick (SORROWSEED) as new, and permanent bassist ! Rob becomes the first official bassist in PRIME EVIL since Mary Ciullo played bass, for the last time with PE, at the Metal Suckfest in NYC on November 4th, 2011. 

"It's taken a long time to find someone who is the right fit for PRIME EVIL, and we all knew the first time we jammed with Rob, that he was the one" according to founder/guitarist Mike Usifer. "It just clicked right from the start. Rob has the most evil sounding bass I've ever heard! His sound and style are perfectly complimentary to mine. But, not only is his sound and style perfect for PRIME EVIL, his attitude is a perfect match of ours! He has the same level of drive and committment that we all share. He already had more than half of our live set down when he showed up to jam for the first time. Rob already has all of the new songs down, and is contributing in the writing process" continues Usifer. PRIME EVIL is currently more than mid-way through writing songs for a full-length release they intend to record in late April / early May.

Rob Broderick has this to say about joining PRIME EVIL: "I'm very proud to be here. Everyone in the band is beyond awesome, and damn good at what they do. I think we're gonna do some serious damage ! Music comes absolutely first for me, and it's awesome to play with people on my commitment level. We're really doing something special here." PRIME EVIL currently consists of founding members vocalist Andy Eichhorn and guitarist Mike Usifer, drummer Billy Wassweiler, and bassist Rob Broderick. In conclusion, Usifer adds; "We are very happy and excited about the current line-up, and we honestly feel that we sound the best we EVER have! With a permanent bassist who shares the same energy, commitment, and attitude as all of us, we feel that we are finally starting a new era for PRIME EVIL."

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