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INFERNÖ Records would like to wish you all a very happy new year 2014 & most of all, we want to thank you all for the GREAT support through 2013,
without you, nothing would be possible ! We will do our best to continue delivering killer releases in 2014 to please your damaged ears !!! METAL Till DEAFNESS !!!

2013 was the year for some more killer releases that you all made successful : 

AXECUTER "Metal Is Invincible", Lady Beast "Lady Beast", Death Rides A Horse "Tree Of Woe", LONEWOLF "Army Of The Damned" (Our first VINYL release ever !) and this last month, the albums of LEGIONS OF WAR "Forced To The Ground" and DEMONA "Speaking With The Devil" - 6 releases in 12 months for a small label like ours means alot of time, energy & hard work but it is nothing compared to the satisfaction we get in return - thanks to your support & appreciation !

For now, We can already announce you 3 new bands signed that will unleash their new releases in 2014 on INFERNÖ Records !!!

First is our first all-female band TORMENTRESS - coming from Singapore and founded in 2006, they play a raw mixture of old-school speed-metal & thrash metal !!! After a demo, a pic-disc EP and a MCD, they're ready to unleash their first album entitled "Operation Torment" during the first months of 2014 ! You can listen to a brand new song called "Mutilator" > !

And .. Spanish old-school metallers WITCHFYRE are now part of the INFERNO Records family ! Founded in 2011, this 5-piece bandmixes the best of obscure/occult heavy-metal with great NWOBHM influences !!! They worked hard to release in 2013 their first official release on DiscosMeCagoEnDios Records, that is a 2-song vinyl 7"EP called "Banshee" that convinced us so much, it became obvious they were made for INFERNO Records ! A first 6-song mini-album is currently in the making ! Stay Tuned ! You can already listen to the song "Banshee" ( that will be part of this release !

and this is not all.. we still have more releases planned - stay tuned !!!!