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The second album by french heavy-metal warriors ELVENSTORM will be unleashed this year on INFERNO Records (Release date to be confirmed) - track-list is :

01. Sanguis Ad Gloriam
02. Reign in Glory
03. Werewolves of the East
04. Temple of the Sun
05. Ruler of the Night
06. Black Hordes
07. Fallen One
08. Sirens of Death
09. Where Angls Dare to Die
10. Mistress From Hell

and as bonus-song on the CD version, a cover of "Into The Fire", originally composed by SAVAGE GRACE !

Note that polish singer Marta GABRIEL (CRYSTAL VIPER) appears on "Mistress From Hell", this song being sang as a duo with Laura... Those girls really rocks & you'll love that song !!!

Artwork was released by by Johnson Ting and the album was recorded in Microclimat studio (Grenoble/France) by Xavier Sindt. 
Mixing is actually in process with Lars Ramcke in Thunderhall Studio (Hamburg) and it will be mastered by Piet Sielck.

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