PHRENETIX (Lithuania) ink a deal with INFERNO Records !

PHRENETIX is a young promising THRASH Metal band hailing from Vilnius/Lithunia, that got formed in 2011. The band first played shows actively and released in 2013 their first demo, made of 5 songs which got very positive feedbacks from the underground medias. PHRENETIX music fully describes the essence of old-school thrash metal,and also incorporates a variety of other music styles, which gives the group a unique, manic sound. More specific old-school thrash metal infuences might include Anthrax, Toxik and other more progressive thrash metal bands, but the band seeks to maintain its originality expanding their musical sight beyond just metal music. Their distinct riffs and odd composition separates them from many thrash metal bands, which, including intensity, aggression and thrilling live performances, is the main Phrenetix feature and appeal.

Although the band had many different members, PHRENETIX current line-up consists now of 4 members:

Lina Vaštakaitė (lead\rhythm guitar, vocals), Jonas Gedvilas (drums), Paulius Navickas (lead\rhythm guitar, backing vocals) Daumantas Vizbaras (bass)

The band recently inked a deal with french label INFERNO Records and is currently recording the first full-length album in Vilnius (Muzlab Studio) with the help of producer Rimtautas Piskarskas. This album will include 8 songs and will be entitled "Art Of Jail"... More infos/artwork will be revealed later !

For the moment being, INFERNO Records will soon re-release the demo on cassette format (limited edition) and one song is now available for streaming >

More infos on PHRENETIX >


Fabien is the "big-boss" of INFERNO Records. His passion for HEAVY-METAL music lasts since 1982 when for the first time he discovered THE album that would change his life at the age of 13 - that album is nothing less than "The Number Of The Beast" from IRON MAIDEN ! Since that day, it was clear his life would be HEAVY fuckin' METAL !
Having a real record-label to run was one of his longtime projects and for some reasons, it was not possible to start one until 2006 when he met Bea who was a precious help to make this dream come true : a real Heavy-Metal Label made by Heavy-Metal fans FOR Heavy-Metal fans !

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