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In the North of the Netherlands, during the summer of 2010, members from progressive metal band SHADOW OF EDEN and old-school thrash metal band DAMNATOR joined forces to create ACT OF STATE. With new determination and vision the new force soon hit the stage and received many positive reactions. Endowed with adrenaline and inspiration they set off to create their debut EP, ‘Rebellion’. With their love for both traditional and contemporary metal they have challenged themselves to make compositions not defined to one sub-genre, including a wide range of influences taken from heavy, power, progressive and thrash metal. Lyrically ACT OF STATE deals with political, historical and social issues.

In 2011 the band parted ways with their original drummer, who decided to leave the band in order to concentrate on his family. The band proudly welcomed Jarno Olinga (QUANTUM THEORY, ex-THRONAR) to the band and started setting stages aflame with their energetic live shows. So far the band has already shared the stage with bands like Whiplash, Freedom Call, Wizard, Emerald, Ear Danger, God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement and many others. More shows and festival appearances such as the annual Heavy Metal Maniacs festival are already planned.

In September 2011 the band released its debut EP ‘Rebellion’, that achieved many positive feedback from the international press. The band has started the song writing process of their upcoming debut full-length album...
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> "God Save The King" on You Tube
> "Rebellion" on You Tube