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DEXTER WARD : a moniker of Lovecraftian fame for a highly dangerous Italo/Hellenic powerhouse of exuberant U.S. Metal heritage...
After three successful studio albums with Battleroar and several live shows all over Europe, including the participation at festivals such as KEEP IT TRUE, HEADBANGER'S OPEN AIR, SWORDBROTHERS and MARCH METAL DAY (Greece) with the likes of MANOWAR and RHAPSODY, in the year 2009 Mark Dexter and Manolis Karazeris founded DEXTER WARD.
Long time friends and fellow Heavy Metal brothers Akis Pastras (Guitars) and John Luna Tsimas (Bass) promptly joined their American Metal quest, and with Aggelos Tsoukalas (Bloodstained) the band recorded a Promo CD (limited to 100 copies) containing the three tracks, the epic number "Antarctic Dream", the fan favourite "Double Dragon" (inspired by the Technos coin op) and the anthemic "Youngblood", firstly released in occasion of their first live show at the Up The Hammers Festival V in Athens, Greece, March 2010. Alexis Vlastos of IRON ON IRON Records swiftly signed the band for a vynil release and in April 2010 the EP "ANTARCTIC DREAM" was unleashed to the world, containing the 3 tracks of the Promo CD remastered by BART GABRIEL plus a live rendition of CIRITH UNGOL's "Go It Alone". The song "Antarctic Dream" also appeared on the compilation "Monuments of Steel II" distributed with the Polish magazine HardRocker. After securing the services of new drummer Stelios Darakis, DEXTER WARD promoted the release with two successful shows at the Gagarin Club in Athens, supporting INNER WISH and in Viareggio (Italy) with AXEVYPER, for their first live performance out of Greece.
The first half of the year 2011 saw the band concentrated on the songwriting and pre-production of the debut full lenght CD, recordings started on June and were completed in the the first days of September at Nikos Papakostas (CONVIXION, STRIKELIGHT) Entasis Studio in Kallithea, Greece.
The album, named "NEON LIGHTS", containing 8 anthems of pure DEXTER WARD Heavy Metal, showcasing new blistering numbers such as "Evil Nightmares", "Ghost Rider", "Blackout in L.A", "Return of the Longships", "Back to Saigon" and the savage "Metal Rites" was released on October 23rd by IRON ON IRON Records. To promote the album the band played 2 great shows on 23 October 2011- Athens, Greece - KYTTARO CLUB - supporting CRIMSON GLORY (USA) and 6 November 2011- Athens, Greece - KYTTARO CLUB - supporting VIRGIN STEELE (USA)...

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> "Evil Nightmares" on You Tube.