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WITCHTRAIL began as a death metal band named Animus in late 2012, in Antwerpen/Belgium.
Bassist Acid and guitarist Putlucht met their soon to be drummer Athor at a garden party in their mutual friend Ziggy's garden.
They started rehearsing in a shitty rehearsal room in a youthcenter but soon moved on to Athor's murky basement where most of the songs on the EP were written. After a few rehearsals another guitarist, Bert, joined the band and the band was renamed WITCHTRAIL. The first songs they wrote still showed a strictly heavy metal/speed metal influence but as soon as Bert left, the songs became heavier, with more crust punk and death metal influences.
The first gig they played was as a support for Thrashtanica in Mol. In August they played their "biggest show" til now, in Amsterdam/Netherlands with Ecocide, Nuclear Devastation, Bones and Nihilator. This is at this time that the band unleashed its first release, the "The Witch's Trail" EP, made of 7 songs and released on the good old format that is the cassette !
The band shows now a more black/thrashy sound, that could be compared to early VENOM, DARKTHRONE, HELLHAMMER... They clearly have improved their style but keep it dark, raw & evil ! The band is now currently working on new songs for the new release & upcoming gigs !!!

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Click HERE to buy "The Witch's Trail" Cassette !

> "Sum Of The Eyes" on You Tube.