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Lizzies is a Heavy Metal band from Madrid (Spain), inspired by the most classical, direct and rebellious line of this genre.
Influenced by bands like Judas Priest or Motörhead, Motorcycle Marina (bass) and Patricia Strutter (guitars), started the project in 2010,
being just 16 years old. The band is named after the all-girl gang in the movie The Warriors (1979).
Two years later, Lucia Xauri (drums) and Hell End (voice) completed the line-up and the first gigs started to come.
With just one year on the road and one demo (live-recorded), called “Heavy Metal Warriors”, the Lizzies blasted out their gigs at some pubs
and venues in Madrid, other Spanish cities and places abroad, like Metal Terror Fest in Porto (Portugal), Heavy Metal Maniacs Fest warm-up party
in Amsterdam (Holland) and soon at the Muskelrock Festival in Sweden.
During the first year on the stages they have played with bands like Wild (ES), Lujuria (ES), Steelwing (SWE), Game Over (IT), Ruler (IT),
Agresiva (ES), Altar of Sin (ES) or Speedbreaker (GER).
The band is currently promoting their recent EP, called “End of Time”, which contains five dark, deep and powerful tracks of pure Heavy Metal... without forgetting the road, the beer and the parties !!!

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> "Heavy Metal Warriors" on YouTube