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THE UNHOLY were formed originally in late 2007 by the will of Sara Steel and Nuno Nightmare, but it was just in 2013 the band would be able to play its first live show because of the constant line-up changes they had to face.
These Portuguese Heavy Metal Warriors are now formed by Sara Steel on vocals, Nuno Nightmare on guitar (ex-Midnight Priest), Joe “The Lion” Dalton on bass and Alex Animal on drums (both current members of Midnight Priest).
Their main influences are US Power Metal bands from the 80's such as Riot, early Queensryche, Savatage, Vicious Rumors, etc.
Their DEMO has just been released on the 31st December 2013, and they are already forging new songs for a full-length that should be recorded in 2014.
The band is yet to play outside their country but they intend to take on the world with their high powered Heavy Metal music.
So catch them on the road if you dare... but be warned, because when they start to rock... heads start to roll !

For more infos, visit THE UNHOLY on Facebook.

CLICK HERE to buy "Demo 2013" CD :

> "Open The Gates" on YouTube.