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Dr.X is a band formed in early 2013 in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona). The band was originally formed by Alex, Guillem and Mayer, friends and bandmates since they were 15 years old.
From this point, they focused on developing ideas for compositions and started the search to find the ideal drummer and vocalist. After several auditions with different drummers, they discovered Victor during a concert of his band in a local bar, where they proposed an audition to him which pleasantly surprised the rest of the band, incorporating him into it.As they continued to find a singer, they finished the composing the songs that would become their first EP and entered to record them in July 2013, even knowing how risky it was to do it without a vocalist. After the instrumental recording, they proposed to Alba, the singer of Guillem’s parallel band by then, to join the group and she gratefully accepted despite living considerably far away from the rest of the band.When the band was fully formed, they locked in the rehearsal room (which was Alex’s basement) to have the vocal lines ready for the voice recording, which took place during the months of September and October.Their first EP, "Meet the Doctor", came to light on November 4, 2013 under the production of Robert Martínez (BDP, Symmawrath, Ktulu... Calima with a Grammy nomination in 2006) and with the collaboration of singer Elisa C. Martin (Dark Moor, Dreamaker, Hamka and Fairyland). The drum tracks were recorded at Sound of the Kings Studio (Barcelona) by José Luis Climent and Robert Martínez while the other instruments and vocals were mixed, engineered and mastered by Robert Martínez at Rub Productions.

Dr.X are currently :

Alba Karry – Vocals
Alex Ertack  – Guitar
Guillem Martínez – Guitar
Victor Torrent  – Drums
Mayer – Bass

and they're currently touring to spread the Metal injection !

For more infos, visit Dr. X official website.

Click HERE to buy "Meet The Doctor" CD.

> "Get Injected" on YouTube.