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STEEL INFERNO is a female fronted heavy metal from Copenhagen, Denmark.
The members originally come from Poland, France, Greece and Denmark.

The idea of STEEL INFERNO was first formed as an idea for a side project for Lars (Guitar) and Krzysztof (Drums) who back then played in a metallic hardcore/crust band. For many years it was only a band name and when the first incarnation saw light around 2012 it was closer to early black metal than to heavy metal.
When Thierry (Bass) joined the band, melodies started shaping. But not until Karen (vocals) joined, it took any form. The addition of clean vocals made it possible to expand the creative field. But no real metal band without dual guitars. It took quite some time to find the correct match. Patrick (Guitar) is actually the 5th but hopefully the last.

In january the band released their‘Demo 2014’ which got good responses from the undergound circut. It was released on cassette and as a free digital download (get it here) - the band played then a couple of shows in Denmark and even appeared at the now well-know METAL MAGIC Festival !

In october 2014, the band released the "Arcade Warrior" 7"EP including two songs, showing a band with more mature musical identity & stronger compositions !

For more infos on STEEL INFERNO, click HERE !

Click HERE to buy "Arcade Warrior" 7"EP.

> "Arcade Warrior" on YouTube.