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MANDRÁGORA is a heavy-metal band coming from Nuevo Chimbote, Peru, formed back in 2007 with Jorge Mandrágora (bass), Pablo Campana (guitar), Fátima NattHammer (vocal) & Beto Aspilcueta (drums). In the beginning the band sung in spanish & lyrics were about south-american mythology until 2008 when they decided to change for english.

The band started to work hard on their own songs and they released in 2010 their demo called "Steel Metal" which got very good responses throughout the worldwide underground circut and fans of old-school heavy-metal !

After that, the band played live ALOT to spread their music & gain new fans everywhere it is possible to !

The band inked a contact with INKAS NOIZE Records (a label based in Germany, founded by peruvian heavy-metal maniac Lucho Palomino) and released in 2013 their first 7"EP entitled "First Attack" !

MANDRAGORA current line-up is :

Fátima Natthammer - Vocals Herman Gers - Guitar Paulo Rocket - Guitar Abel - Drums Jorge Mandrágora - Bass

The band is now promoting the vinyl release through various medias and so far, responses are very very good ! A full length album is already planned for 2015 on a European record label... more infos soon - stay tuned !

For fans of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Aria (RUS), Accept, UDO, Warlock & Doro, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Acid, Coven, Dio, Rainbow.

For more infos on MANDRAGORA, click HERE !

Click HERE to buy "First Strike" EP.

> "Lady In Black" on YouTube.