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IRON COMMAND is a band of pure and classic Heavy Metal in the vein of old school from Medellín-Colmobia. It is formed by Carolina Quiroga (guitar), Claudia Yepes (Bass), Pola Martinez (Vocals), Daniel Hernandez also playing with Hellworld, Morbid Macabre and Revenge (Drums) and  Johnathan Calle (Guitar) also palying with Enemy and Savage Aggression.

The band was born in 2011 playing covers of heavy metal and classic rock bands like Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Acid, among others ... In late 2012 it was recorded a promotional demo prelude to the recording of the debut album. In 2013 comes the first demo titled "Iron Command" it contained 3 tracks: "Heavy Metal in my head", "Rock the Night" and "The years of decay". Later in the same year, the recording of the debut album of the band entitled "Play it loud" began, it comes out in mid-2014 with a limited edition of 500 copies under the label Iron Command Records, created for the production of the band.

"Play it loud" has been strongly received by the metal community in Colombia and worldwide, highlighting countries like Japan and France where a large percentage of the disk was sold. The band continues working hard for the second production which will be released in mid 2015.

Long live the classic sound !!! Long Live Heavy Metal !!!

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> "Power Abuse" on YouTube.