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Born at the end of 2009, FATHER MERRIN is a french quartet, with a style relying on the heaviness of doom metal. However, the band doesn't set itself any limit, as evidenced by some stoner rock touches, or the brutal vocals developed by his frontman. An uncompromising approach named "Possessed doom metal" ! The year 2010 is devoted to writing and the iconic song "Hellride" is recorded in order to optimize the search for concerts. By the spring 2011, FATHER MERRIN begins to perform live, opening for cult heavy metal act SPIRIT. Since then, concerts took place throughout France, with great bands such as SURTR, CALDERA or AVERYSADSTORY among others. And our four perverted missionaries will keep on taking every opportunity to demonstrate their power on stage with monster riffs, groove and dark atmospheres. The next step is an official output, for which FATHER MERRIN has retained his best four pieces: 25 minutes of dark, racy and powerful music. The recording sessions were held in August 2013 at Troglo'zik Studio (Commercy, FRANCE) with sound engineer Nicolas GARDEL (AVERYSADSTORY). The mixing and mastering were done at the end of 2013, while the artwork was conceived by Hades Design. The result is called All Is Well That Ends In Hell and is now available in CD format (independent) and digital on Bandcamp. The time has come: Father Merrin will give permission for the stars to align, releasing a cult as old as life itself, that thousands of tortured souls will celebrate: the cult of almighty doom ! Stay possessed or die !!!

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> "Lord Of Mercy" on YouTube.