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While founded in 2009 in Germany, Booze Control might as well have emerged straight from 1980s London. Thrilling twin leads and melodies that will stay in your head till you drop allowed the four-piece to play with big-name bands such as Destruction and Grave Digger. 2013 marks the release of the boldly titled debut “Heavy Metal”, re-released by Kernkraftritter Records in February 2015. The album will be promoted on the road throughout the year.

Current line-up :

David Kuri - vocals, guitar
Jendrik Seiler - guitar
Steffen Kurth - bass
Lauritz Jilge - drums

Discography :

Wanted (EP) 2009
Don't Touch While Running 2011
Heavy Metal 2013

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> "Night Of The Drinking Dead" on YouTube.