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EVIL FORCE is a band hailing from Asuncion/Paraguay that got formed in 2005 and is for sure one of the most interesting ones emerging from the country if you have an interest in old-school speed-metal ! The combo started rehearsing to compose their own original songs but also played ALOT live in order to spread the band name in the local scene until 2008 when they released their first demo called "Total Vio-lence", made of 4 songs in the pure old-speed/thrash metal style & spirit ! That first demo got very well acclaimed, responses were very good and gave the band the opportunity to play more & more shows !

A second demo came out one year later, called "Massive Attack", made of 6 live songs. 2010 saw the release of a split CD called "Thrashing Madness" with bands Evil Whiplash (Colombia) & Black Fire (Peru). 2011/2012 saw line-up changes in the band and in 2013, EVIL FORCE released a Cassette-EP "Army Of The Dead" on TOTAL DISASTER Prods from Argentina.

A bit later, EVIL FORCE appeared on three split releases with Revenge (Colombia), Necrolisis (Costa Rica) and God Of Lies (Colombia) and end-2014, the band finally released his first full-length album called “Ancient Spores” co-produced by Headbanger Force, Eternal Glory and Total Desaster Productions. The band has developped his own raw/aggressive style of Speed-Thrash Metal throughout the years and is now working on a second album that could be released somewhere in 2015 !

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> "Spitting Rage" on YouTube.