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Tequila Sunrise is a Hard Rock, Hard & Heavy and AOR band formed in 2010-2011 in Madrid (Spain) around Rubén Santos, Ramón Blein and Cecilio Sanchez-Robles who are actually sessions musicians, each with a wide & varied music professional career, not only in the ROCK field, but also in other different styles. Taking inspirations in the US Hard-Rock style from the 80's and bands like (early) BON JOVI, DOKKEN, BLACK N'BLUE, early RATT to name a few, TEQUILA SUNRISE nevertheless brings a very fresh touch to the style & will make you rock like crazy for sure ! They have recently recorded their first 4-song EP "Nasty Habits" and are ready to bring their nasty habits worldwide ! You're wanred !

Current line-up :

Cecilio Sánchez-Robles (Guitar)
Ramón Blein (Guitar)
Rubén Santos (Drums)
Jorge Cortés (Lead singer - Ex-STEEL HORSE)
Fernando Mainer (Bass - Mägo de Oz & Tako)

Discography :

Nasty Habits - 2015

For more infos on TEQUILA SUNRISE, click HERE !

Click HERE to buy "Nasty Habits" CD.

> "Nasty Habits" on YouTube.