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HOLYCIDE are simply the new THRASH METAL sensation coming out of Spain - nothing less ! Everyone into classic old-school THRASH really need to check this band - don't expect anything modern, commercial or trendy.. that's pure aggressive kinda Thrash Metal focusing on the intense side of the style - like real THRASH was meant to be played ! The band was originally started as a project in 2004 (long before the new wave of Thrash Metal !) when Dave ROTTEN (AVULSED), consumed by all that is extreme-old-school metal decided it was about time to bring something new & more to his musical career ! The "band" got usual line-up problems/changes and it is only in 2012, a new guitarist - from the band INNTRANCE - called Miguel Bárez came in. Some times later Miguel asked his long time friend Dani (also bassist in INNTRANCE from 2006 to 2010 and DARK MOOR from 2004 to 2008) to join the band. This new member brought fresh motivation to HOLYCIDE and a total of 5 songs were finalized, recorded during the Autumn of 2013. Note at this time, since the idea was to keep this as a "project", the "band" used programmed drums for the recording. January 2014, after the band played their first show as a trio, Miguel suggested the idea of adding two new members and making a full band ! In March, the very first official rehearsal of HOLYCIDE as a 5-piece band took place with Jorge Utrera (Drums) & Salva Esteban (Guitar). With this full line-up, HOLYCIDE changed drastically and decided to re-record the 5 songs and also a DARK ANGEL Cover ("Merciless Death") for their first mini-CD, "Toxic Mutation", that would be released in February 2015 on spanish label X-TREEM Music ! This release is definitely for all into old-school aggressive THRASH METAL, influenced by the likes of DARK ANGEL, INFERNAL MAJESTY, ATROPHY, CORONER, SACRIFICE, SEPULTURA ("Beneath.." era) to name a few ! At times like this, when too much bands are playing so-called THRASH METAL without much originality or personality, HOLYCIDE brings back the old-school spirit, mixing aggressiveness & power with AUTHENTICITY !

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