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SCARVED is a new band coming from Belgium - influenced by Hard-Rock, Rock/Classic Rock & Metal musics ! Formed in 2012, it seems the line-up remained unchanged since that date. Each member has now a strong musical background & experience, playing in various bands... lead Guitarist Luc played in prog-rock band TAILS BLUE, plays also with alot of various rock/blues bands and works as a producer in a studio. Wovie played in a heavy-metal band called ORACLE (not to be confused with HORACLE, another heavy-metal band from Belgium) as guitarist before he switched for Bass-guitar & concentrate his effort on SCARVED. Drummer Geert grew up as respectable session-drummer and even played his very first gig with a band called POLITICUS OF EXPERIENCE, opening for US HC/Metal legend SUICIDAL TENDENCIES... Last but not least, singer Caro actually started her career in the Dance scene as a young girl and after she discovered a whole new world waiting for her, she sold her Heart & Soul to ROCK/METAL Music ! Caro's voice is definitely what makes the difference between SCARVED and many other rock bands.. energetic, warm & strong on heavy riffs, solid rythmicals.. if you are into this kind of music, you'll be amazed ! SCARVED recorded its first album "Dynamite" and go tit released in 2014 through greek label SLEASZY RIDER Records ... the band has since played alot live and is for sure working on a second album now !

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