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IRON SLAUGHT are a new band from France and it seems they're coming out of nowhere ! Never heard of them before they released this first kick-ass album "Crusading Metal Mercenaries" thru ARMEE DE LA MORT Records ! A small interview was necessary to know more about them ! Guitarist/Vocalist IRON JEREMY answers to our questions !

- Hello - can you briefly introduce the band to our readers ? When did you form it and what is the current line-up ?
Hi Fabien ! IRON SLAUGHT's mission is to gather our different & various musical influences from old-school Speed & Thrash Metal with sometimes some Death/Black elements but yet VERY rooted into traditional HEAVY METAL. In other words, we try to pay tribute to all the metallic albums that are driving us mad since the mists of time. The band got formed in 2011 with Romu (Drums) and myself (Guitar & Lead vocals) and arixon (Bass) rapidly joined us to complete the line-up & to be ready for live assaults !

- Any line-up changes ? Is IRON SLAUGHT your first band or were you playing in other bands before ?
No the line-up has always been the same since the creation of the band. We hope this line-up will last even if we do not exclude the idea pf a second guitar in the band. We need first to find the right person that share at 666% our metallic convictions.. so, only time will tell. About our past experiences, Romu & Arixon played both in EVITERNITY in the 90's, ARIXON also sings with the excellent band BY THE SWORD and Romu also played in an old obscure heavy-metal band in the 80's named METALSTORM. As for me, it is really the first real serious project, all previous attempts led to nothing.

- What are the bands that you think have influenced you the most on your way of writing songs & on your conception of METAL music ?
There are really alot of bands and all from very varied styles. I'd say the most obvious influences are IRON MAIDEN, a band I really worship - inc. all their discography ! We could also name bands like ACCEPT, RUNNING WILD, RIOT, OMEN, MANILLA ROAD, HEAVY LOAD & MANOWAR for the "HEAVY" influence and VIOLENT FORCE, LIVING DEATH, PILEDRIVER, BLOOD MONEY, POWERLORD, VENOM & MERCYFUL FATE for the "Evil Speed" side of our music.

- Your first album is now out thru ARMEE DE LA MORT/LOD Records... but wait.. i can't find any trace of previous release.. no demo, nothing. was it something intentional or it has just happened SHAXUL (label's boss !) found you before all recordings ??
That's indeed our first recording and we never released anything else like a demo or a EP (kinda classical process) before because Stéphane Elkine really did an excellent job with the recording and we then wondered "why not releaseing a full-length album  ?".. the sound was good enough and the timing, about  30 minutes, enough for a mini-album. Shaxul contacted us as soon as he heard the band was about to release something. We actually shared the stage with his band MANZER ("Heavy Metal Ritual" organised by Deinos & The Troopers Of Doom) and he followed us since that day. We're really thankful and moreover we're all fans of his ultra-metallic label !

- So.. some words on the content of the album ? When/Where was it recorded ? What about its "concept" or main subjects/topics you write about.. ?
As previosuly said, the album was recorded/mixed/mastered in South-West France (Bigorra) with the great Stéphane Elkine that knows alot about our musical style & influences, since he's himself fan of old-school metal ! So he was the best person to catch the perfect sound for us ! All lyrics are written by our metallic messiah STEEL CONVERTER, aka Philibert (dude ! this guy is a celebrity ! ed.) in the rest of the world - they deal with everything about METAL ! He also forged our logo and we're very proud of it !

- How would you describe your first album ? What would you say to convince people to listen to it & eventually buy it ?
We're really happy with the final result & lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with dedicated & skilful people & really can't wait to enter the studio again for future recordings !! This record is for all TRUE metal fans looking for authentic Metal, without any compromise... no matter the sonic "imperfections", they are part of the style and give charm & feelings that contribute to the personality of the band ! That's for all fans looking for efficiency & emotion that get out of simple but well-executed riffs with a "full-of-guts" solo - you can listen to our album without any moderation !  On the other hand, those looking for originality, virtuosity & modern riffs, the ones that never bought a vinyl album, go away & keep on buying Metallian Magazine & going to Hellfest ! 

- Musically, this is pure & true old-school Heavy-Metal.. I can find roots from the NWOBHM (especially early IRON MAIDEN) & well as influences from the mighty METALUCIFER (pretty much NWOBHM influenced itself !) - do you agree ?
Yes I 100% agree ! We're fascinated by the NWOBHM - it has influenced all the older cult bands & still have such an impact on younger bands like Enforcer (Swe), Blaze (Jap), Metal Inquisitor & many more ! It is just crazy when I think back to all the GREAT english bands in the 80's ! I still discover new ones every day as if this scene has no limit ! METALUCIFER for sure contributed to bring the flame back, I can't tell you how many times "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" has been played at home & this just makes my passion  STRONGER for Heavy-Metal !!!

- Who is responsible for the artwork ? Pretty well done & very funny to see all those HEAVY METAL references here & there.. well-done, dudes ! Was it important for you to pay tribute to Heavy-Metal legends ?
His name is Laurent ROCA, a friend of Philibert. He's a professional illustrator and was kind enough to do the artwork for the album ! I remember he helped a thrash band from here, some years ago, named BRAINDEATH for the artwork of their "Vision Of terror" demo. Philibert and I went to see him at his home & explained him what we wanted - what kinda style and asked to include some "clichés" like KING DIAMOND's portrait, the PRIEST Candle, etc... I wanted something epic, it was also important to have something all metal fans could recognize at the first look !

- You're from France.. your view on the current french scene... Any good bands to check out ? Your opinion on the underground scene.. compared to how it is in other european countries ?
There's a cruel lack of HEAVY-METAL bands in France... compared to all that exist in other countires, like Sweden or Germany for example.. There are nevertheless always great underground bands like HURLEMENT, LONEWOLF, ELVENSTORM, SANCTUAIRE or more recently our friends TENTATION or HERZEL. I can't also forget HEXECUTOR, PERVERSIFIER, MANZER or still NECROWRETCH in a more THRASH oriented style. But I really can't talk about a real "scene", all the bands are more less distant, no real connection between them all....they're isolated. There are also some really good labels like INFERNO (really ? Thanks alot ! ed.), EMANES and ARMEE DE LA MORT of course - they really work hard to spread METAL in the country.

- Tell us some words on your appearance at PWOA this year ? How was it to share the stage with bands like ATLANTEAN KODEX, IRON ANGEL, LONEWOLF ?
Well, I'm gonna speak for the whole band, we're very pleased and it was a great moment, a great opportunity for a small band like ours to share the stage with bands like IRON ANGEL or TOKYO BLADE that I'm listening to since I was 15 or 16 .. even if I'm only 26 today. We are all fans of WITCHTOWER, they're for me of the rarest bands to perfectly catch the NWOBHM atmosphere ! I also love LONEWOLF, I spent hours headbandging on their music.. That was a DREAM and I hope this will happen again - the new edition should be very kick-ass ! And also, I'd like to thank PYRENEAN METAL again and our brothers TENTATION, without whom nothing would have been possible.

- Any other shows planned ? Other plans of the band now ?
Yes we'll be playing in November (28th) near Toulouse and also in February 2016 in Rennes with HERZEL and TENTATION... Right now, we are spending our time composing new songs that we hope will please all metal maniacs and we're also working on a new cover song.. Holy crap, I talked too much !

- Thanks for the time & answers, last words are yours ...
Thank you for your help to spread the good words of IRON SLAUGHT & for fighting for the survival of the underground Metal thru INFERNO Records ! The Hunt to all posers is on !!!


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