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Perth’s traditional power metal experts, SILENT KNIGHT have been climbing the ranks of Australia’s metal scene since forming in 2011.
Mixing the melody and finesse of legendary European bands such as Helloween, Blind Guardian,  Stormwarrior and Iron Maiden with the aggressive speed of their US counterparts in Iced Earth and  Megadeth, Silent Knight are breathing new life into a stagnant and saturated genre.  Their latest album "Conquer And Command" has received global praise for it’s no nonsense approach to their chosen genre and injecting fresh air and excitement into an over saturated scene. Before that new album, SILENT KNIGHT released their debut album MASTERPLAN in February 2013 which got excellent reviews worldwide !
Silent Knight have shared the stage with Finnish folk heroes Korpiklaani legendary Iron Maiden vocalists, Paul DiAnno and Blaze Bayley, German Power Metal founding fathers Helloween,  Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson and the best of Australia’s heavy metal alumni, Lord, Black Majesty,  Voyager, Darker Half and Chaos Divine.
They have also played at Hammersonic Festival in Jakarta and headlined the Daimonous OpenAir  fest in Bali in October 2015.
In November 2015, the band will open for Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society. 
"Conquer And Command" is available in record stores throughout Australia, Indonesia, France, Germany, Japan and the USA making Silent Knight a global success and one of only a handful of Aussie metal bands with such reach. Demand for distribution in other territories will see it available in other countries
very soon.  The Silent Knight line up features front man Jesse Onur Oz who also plays in Ed Force 1, an Iron Maiden  cover band where he performs a very convincing Bruce Dickinson ! Paul Wrigley on drums, band mastermind Stu McGill on rhythm  guitar, Cameron Daw on bass and Cameron Nicholas on lead guitar.
Silent Knight’s music embodies every element of power metal ; from the powerful, high vocals, shredding guitars, galloping riffs, thundering double kick drums and topped off with melodies the crowd can sing long to.
With international tours scheduled for 2016, Silent Knight are primed and ready to take their power metal to the world.


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