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DEATHRONED are a new young but very promising Thrash Metal band hailing from France, Paris to be exact. At the beginning, influenced by the likes of early Kreator, Sodom, Exodus, Violent Force, Death Angel, the band evolved as a four-piece band but after the first show in March 2013, guitarist Piotr parted ways with the band and Deathroned decided to keep on playing as a three-piece band. That's with this line-up that they played a lot of shows since 2014 with french but also international bands like Nervosa, M-Pire Of Evil, Amulet, Hitten, Distillator, Speedtrap, Hurlement, Manzer, Thrashback, Lick king to name a few... They also released in early 2014 a first demo cassette called "Fallen In Vain" made of three songs including a KREATOR cover ("Tormentor") which gave the band some exposure thru underground medias and got well-received ! In August 2015, after weeks of intense & hard work rehearsals, Deathroned recorded a 5-song EP/CD called "The Curse Of Power" and shows now a more mature (but sill raw) approach of their Thrash Metal, faster, more aggressive, catchier ! To be noticed the illustration has made made by Jon Whiplash Illustration - new talented artist we - at Inferno records- really recommend ! We have no doubt Deathroned are part of the current most promising bands, emerging from the french underground metal scene and we recommend every thrashers around to check them out !

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