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MIDNIGHT RITES actually started in 2006 when swedish guitarist Bob Tancred, also playing in the death-metal band MORDIKAII, decided to start a new project more in the death/doom field. He asked spanish singer Emi (known for his work with WITCHFYRE) to join. This project was first named VIGRID PLAINS and together the two musicians recorded some songs but put the band to sleep for a while because of their activities with their respective bands. In 2015, after MORDIKAII, the two musicians joined forces again to re-start the project that has naturally evolved to a more melodic death/black metal style,  darker, colder and more agressive than what it originally was. Influenced by the likes of Sentenced, Hypocrisy or Dissection, they rebaptised the band as MIDNIGHT RITES and started looking for a label to release their first mini-album "Tales From The North" - this is under mexican label SADE Records that MIDNIGHT FIRE chose to release it - "Tales From The North" was published in September 2015 ! The "Band" has so far got very positive reviews and are very motivated about the composition of new songs for an upcoming release that should include some special guests from the underground extreme metal scene !