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Almost 13 years now that the band is spreading its decibels thoughout the south-american undergroudnd heavy-metal circut !
Started in 2003 as WITCHCRAFT, the band later (in 2008) changed its name to WITCHKROSS and after the usual & neverending line-up changes, the formula works with Panized (Bass), Samael (Drums), Fuckin'Hell (Guitars) & Isagom (Vocals).
The first demo was nevertheless only released in 2011 - named "Sabbats Days", this includes 5 songs and allowed the band to get some recognition from the die-hard metal maniacs.
2013 saw the release of the band's first full-length album, self-produced and entitled "Stronger Than Holiness" made of 8 songs, including a STORMWITCH cover ("Walpurgis Night") - this album sounds very obscure and one can feel the band's influences, from bands like Angel Witch, Axe Witch, Heavy Load, Stormwitch, Oz, Grim Reaper to name a few !
From this moment, when the album was out, the band got more opportunities to play live and one of the most important shows was the appearance at the "Avenger Festival" in São Paulo with BATTALION.
WITCHKROSS started then to promote themselves their hard work mainly through social networks, this helped to get their name known abroad and get recognition not only from Brasil, but also South America, Europe, North America and Asia.
All this gave them strength and will to carry on and in February 2016, WITCHKROSS unleashed the "Evil & Wild" EP including 7 songs which show a more mature & personal musical orientation but still rooted in the obscure heavy-metal vein ! If you're fan of the previously mentioned bands, then you should definitely give WITCHKROSS a try !