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MACABRA, a Belgian/American collaboration, was vomited forth in 2011 when Adrien “Liquifier” Weber (VOCIFERIAN, ALIENANTE DAMNATION, CONJÜRATOR, GOATHOLOCAUST, LÜGER, etc.) solicited notorious underground death metal illustrator, Mark Riddick (FETID ZOMBIE, GRAVE WAX, UNBURIED, EXCRESCENT, etc.), to conjure a band dedicated to straight-forward and uncompromising death metal in the old fashion. Riddick—a product of the early 90s death metal underground movement, and Weber—a product of the late 90s black/death metal scene have set ahead with their own brand of uncompromising death metal in the old vein.

So far, the band has released a couple of demos, split EPs but also two full-length albums which have all got good responses thru the underground circuit and today MACABRA is recognized as one of the most interesting TRUE Death Metal bands, staying TRUE to the origin of the style, something NECESSARY to the two founders that couldn't find anything good in the new & more modern evolution of the style... with the desire to create various atmospheres with avantgarde feelings...

DEATH METAL was meant to sound MACABRE !