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French darkness purveyors SACRAL NIGHT announces pre-orders for upcoming mini-album & unleashes album cover and track list for "Darkness Process" to be released on CD on INFERNO Records - Set for October 30th 2017.

Track listing :
01. Darkness Process
02. Fullmoon Creep Sacrifice
03. When The Coven Is Opening The Pit
04. Under The Moonlight
05. Witness of Death
SACRAL NIGHT was brought to life in 2013 by Amphycion - after a few years of underground destruction with NECROWRETCH - when he decided to let his blackest imaginary express itself to bring you into a world of putrefaction, procession to death, sectarianism in a medieval horror.. 
"Darkness Process" - the first curse to be unleash upon mankind in 2017 through INFERNO Records features vocalist Antoine Volat (Electric Shock), guitarist Mick Hellstrom (Lonewolf / Elvenstorm), drummer Morkk and bassist Amphycion (Sanctuaire / Necrowretch)
SACRAL NIGHT played its first show in June 2017 with finnish RANGER.
Feel now the Funeral Quest... Prepare to see your flesh putrefied under the cold moonlight.. 
About "Darkness Process" :
- Recorded, mixed and mastered by Xavier Sindt at Studio Microclimat / Fontaines / France - between December 2016 & february 2017
- Cover artwork concept by Amphycion - Model : Manon "La Rose Noire" (Model photo Grenobloise.) 
Antoine Volat - Vocals
Mick Hellstrom - Guitars
Amphycion - BAss
Morkk - Drums
- "Darkness Process" MCD 2017

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