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Welcome to BLEED Records official website - a division of INFERNO Records !!
BLEED Records was created to bring you more DEATH METAL from the GRAVE in the tradition of the early 90's swedish & american waves ! We'll focus on limited edtion releases (Cassettes & 7"EPs) in a first time - like it was in the good old days.. 
BLEED is actually an old-project from the mid-90's .. it started as a small distro label but had to be put to sleep because of lack of time & money ... 20 years later, time has come to exhume BLEED and bring it to life !
You'll find on the website all the latest news about the label and bands we work with.. Feel free to subscirbe to the NEWSLETTERS and follow us on social medias as well !
Visit our mailorder-shop, we'll do our best to bring you the best of the underground Death-Metal/Grind-Core scene (& other obscure extreme subgenres) !
BLEED Records Website - BLEED Records on Soundcloud -BLEED Records on Facebook - BLEED Records on Twitter !
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