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Serbian all-girl band JENNER announces Nevena Ilic as their new permanent bass-player - some months after Mina Petrovic left. Nevena is an accomplished musician, performing for years in many other local bands... her talent & passion for HEAVY METAL music is not to be proven anymore !

In a second time, JENNER annouces working on a new release that will be a 4 or 5 song release that will include a cover of the song "Young & Proud" of Serbian Heavy-Speed Metal legends DEMONIAC ! More infos (release date, content.. ) later !

It is also the opportunity to remind you the VINYL version of their debut album "To Live Is To Suffer" is out and still available, while the CD version is close to be sold-out (Cassette version is definitely sold-out !).. so hurry up if you haven't ordered your copy yet - be quick or be dead !

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