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Filthiest Italian Bastards VIOLENTOR sign to INFERNO Records for the release of their fourth full-length album to be released early 2019 on LP/CD/Cassette - more details coming soon...

The band will tour intensively EUROPE in 2019 to promote the new opus - Make sure to catch them LIVE in a club/venue near you - you'll be blown away !

Guitarist/Vocalist Alessio about the new deal : "We are very happy to sign with Inferno records. We met Fabien for the first time, 3 years ago in Belgium during the No Compromise Festival and there started a good friendship and respect between us, he is a real maniac of the metal music and this is what we are always looking from a label"

Label's boss Fabien about VIOLENTOR.. "Wow ! There's no word to describe how HAPPY I feel about this deal with VIOLENTOR ! First time i saw them live, it was in France during the ANTHEMS OF STEEL Festival in 2016.. I was simply blown away by the raw energy they deliver on stage ! This band live is pure BLOOD & SWEAT, they play with their GUTS as if it is a question of life or death... I was then lucky enough to see them live again a few months later in Belgium during the NO COMPROMISE Festival... and AGAIN I could witness this incredible LIVE machine ! The show was SO INTENSE, They were BULLDOZING everything on their way ! We had a nice caht after the show with guitaristL/singer Alession and we could felt there was a true friendship spirit coming out of this... we briefly talked about the future of the band.. and when i got a email from Alessio asking for  a possible collaboration a few months later.. well.. it was simply an offer one cannot refuse !!!"

We'll get back to you with more infos as soon as possible about the artwork, content of the albums, pre-orders & everything else you need to know !
For the moment.. prepare yourself - VIOLENTOR take no prisoner !!!

VIOLENTOR on Facebook - Bandcamp.

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