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Latest Arrivals in stock !!

We have gathered for you some of the most exciting releases to date from the underground HEAVY METAL  world !
Discover the new CDs, Cassettes, Zines, Vinyls added to the shop !

AFTER DARK (UK) "Masked By Midnight (The Anthology)" CD 2019
BITCHES SIN (UK) "Always Ready (For Love)" CD-single 2018
DESOLATION ANGELS (UK) "Valhalla" CD-single 2018
DISFAGO (UK) "Snake.Triangle.Sacrifice" CD 2018
HEADBANGERS Zine (Nl) - Issue 9 - Fall 2018
IMPACT (Hol) "Never Too Young To Rock" CD 2018
IRON BIRD (Mal) "Into the Evil" MC 2018 + Metal Pin
NIGHTWOLF (Mal) "Evil Lust" CD 2018
OVERRULED (Hol) "Hybris" CD 2018
RAZGATE (Ita) "Welcome Mass Hysteria" CD 2018
SARACEN (UK) "Change Of Heart" CD 2018 (Re-issue 1984)
SHOTGUN LOGIC (Fra) "Shotgun Logic" EP-CD 2018
SIGN OF THE JACKAL (Ita) "Breaking The Spell" MC 2018 + button
SIGN OF THE JACKAL (Ita) "Breaking The Spell" 12"LP 2018
THE END A.D. (Usa)/TORMENTRESS (Sing) Split MC 2018
THRASHDANCE Zine (Usa) - Issue 3 - October 2018
UNORTHODOX (Ita) "Maze Of Existence" CD 2018

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