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Italian VIOLENTOR have just released their new single "Haunter Of The Anorexis", taken from the upcoming album "Putrid Stench" for streaming & legal download on Bandcamp !

The album will be released in May 2019 on INFERNÖ Records, available as LP/CD and Cassette editions !

The story behind "Haunter Of The Anorexis".. inspired by real facts.. Marco Mariolini known as "The Anorexic Hunter", a thirty-nine-years old man from Pisogne, Italy - described in a book his paraphilia which led him to sexually desire anorexic and skeletal women. Married to Lucia (who weighed 33 kg) and father of two children, he told of how, following the separation, he had sought new female companies through announcements - one of them met the twenty-nine years old Monica Calò, a speech therapy student from Domodossola. Between them began a tormented love story, in which the protagonist commanded a wand woman in all her choices, not just food : "I wanted total control over Barbara, as if it were a part of me, my prosthesis. I would have brought her to certain death by malnutrition, no longer importing anything into anything including my own life ... She gave me that illusion of completeness, both in body and mind, so I felt melted with her and at the same time omnipotent director of the situation".
On July 14, 1998 Mariolini killed Monica in Verbania with 22 stab wounds ; arrested, he was condemned by the court of assizes of Novara to 30 years imprisonment with abbreviated procedure and is currently serving the sentence in the prison of Pavia.
Violentor remember this horrible fact of Italian black news as usual since they had already dealt with themes about the monster of Florence, the monster of Nerola, Giancarlo Stevanin and Donato Bilancia in the previous album "Maniacs".

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