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We're extrememly happy & proud to announce the new band to join the roster !
Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome WAR-HEAD from Osijek/Croatia !

The band plays a combination of old-school Thrash and Death Metal that will for sure please all Malevolent Creation / Carcass / Death fans. The band was formed in 2002 and released 3 albums so far and toured really intensively !

Label's boss Fabien says "Damn, it's been a very long time i have been in touch with this band and we have always discussed a possibility to work together ! It seems the time is NOW right for a glorious collaboration and I can't be more happy about this ! Not only the band kills, but there's a strong friendship between us, so i'm sure the collaboration will be killer ! The new songs are brilliant - real SMASHERS !"

Currently, the band has finished the new material which is expected to be released by the end of the year ! More details to follow ! Stay tuned !!

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