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Malevolent Croatian WAR-HEAD now reveal album artwork, tracklist, guests and also a first song online !

The album "Monuments Of Fallacy" was recorded, mixed & mastered at ARMAGEDDON Studio, Osijek - Croatia between December 2016 and September 2017 and is finally ready to be unleashed on November 29th 2019 on INFERNO Records !

A CD edtion (500 copies) as well as a limited CASSETTE edtion (100 copies) will be available but also available as digital format.

The album features many guests (see track-list for infos) and the artwork was made by Dejan Slavuljica.

Tracklist :

01 – Overture for Hell’s Orchestra
02 – Creatures from the Depth (Featuring Aleksandra Stamenković of Jenner)
03 – My Scars will Speak
04 – Apocalyptic Thunder (Featuring Jérôme Point-Canovas of Loudblast)
05 – Monuments of Fallacy
06 – Kings and Pawns (Featuring Max Mayhem of Evil Invaders)
07 – Hail to the Void (Featuring Arnd Klink of Darkness)
08 – Terror, War, Fear
09 – Detonation (Featuring Andy Gutjahr of Tankard)
10 – Deathrash Armageddon (Bonus Track

A first song is now available for streaming - Apocalyptic Thunder (feat. Jérôme Point-Canovas of Loudblast).

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