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Dear Heavy Metal Maniacs, here's a statement from guitarist Alexandra of JENNER !

"Today is a big day for us! In addition to celebrating 6 years since the band has been formed, we have many more news for you.

Since many of you are eager for new music, we’re proud to announce that our new release, EP “The Test Of Time” will be released on February 20, 2020, the same day as our previous release. Of course, via INFERNO Records ! We’re extremely pleased we have an opportunity and honor to once again work with a man like Fabien Pinneteau. Also, another thing that hasn’t changed is collaboration with Luka Matković and Citadela Sound Production Studio.

As previously announced, the EP is consisted of 3 songs, "Night Without Dawn", "The Test of Time" featuring Emil Ivošević (Alexandra's boyfriend and singer of Sigma Epsilon), and a cover of song “Young & Proud“ by Demoniac (thanks to Ljubo Marjanović for permission).

The other thing you may notice is that the band continues to work as a trio. In conversation with our singer Anđelina Mitić, we came to the conclusion that there’s no more energy and enthusiasm in the band like it used to be... So we decided that Alexandra takes the microphone. We wish Anđelina all the best in the future! These 6 years have brought us many beautiful experiences and memories that we’ll remember forever.

Another change you may notice is that a new bassist, Katarina Henc, is playing with us. This way we welcome her to the band ! Our bass player, Nevena Ilić, gave birth about a month ago and brought another beautiful girl to the world. Considering that she’s currently unable to play, her job will be done by Kaća, and the time will tell how the things will further go. On drums is, as before, Marija Dragićević. Since she was on maternity leave during the recording, the drums were recorded by our friend, Nikola Simonović.

And finally, we want to thank all the people who helped us get through this rough period and get on
with it. You're wonderful ! Expect more information from us after the New Year !"


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